we create works of art

we paint, we photograph, we write

we design business collateral; from business cards to playing cards

we create works of code

we build websites and web applications

we develop tools that are just plain simple and improve things immediately

we solve problems

improving a process is better than generating sales

we want to know your business and make it easier for you to focus on it

We're Brendan and Sara Quinn (he/him and she/her respectively, or they/them for either). We've been working in design and development for nearly two decades and in 2012, we decided to break away from our day jobs and start Squid&Crow.

We live in Pasco, WA with a Boston Terrier named Lila. We spend our days doing what we love—gaming, reading, and designing.

We belong to an amazing community of entrepreneurs who cowork out of FUSE. We also run an annual gaming convention dedicated to creating a safe space centered around the enjoyment of tabletop games.

We are humanists, and as such commit ourselves to causes that work toward the betterment of society. We volunteer with our local school districts and libraries to help improve their curricula, increase volunteerism, fundraise, and facilitate communication between educators and business professionals. We teach after school programs for kids that want to learn how to code.

We are pro same-sex marriage, pro education, pro equality, and pro curiosity. We believe that the only way the world around us will be better is by strengthening and supporting the individuals who need it most.

Most importantly, we believe we can always do better.